Big Money Rustlas

Straight up now tell me, do you really want to SOAB me forever?  OH OH OH!!

What is WRONG with me?!

Anyway, we're back with the SOABCast!  This week's show is the ridiculously terrible Big Money Rustlas, starring everyone's favorite Detroit-based, clown-make-upped, hardcore rap group, ICP!!!

Third favorite, maybe?

Anyway, it's a western, and it's really dumb, and the only reason it's a little bit funny is because it is completely NOT funny.  Just like every other one of the movies we do.  BUT WITH CLOWNS!!  AND VANILLA ICE!!!  AND SCREEEEEECH!!!! So..... what?  I'm NOT saying this!  This is awful!!! mosey on down to your MP3 player, and check out the SOABCast...... pad'ner.

That was the WORST!

(side note) We will be taking a slight hiatus, retooling the show, and making it better.  But stay tuned!