Birdemic: Shock and Terror

Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife, it's the SOABCast!

YES, I know that's a really old reference....

Anyway, this week we take on one of the WORST movies ever made, Birdemic.  Do you like the Fas and Furious movies, but wish that they wouldn't drive so fast, and were MUCH more awkward?  Then A)  That's a really specific and odd wish, and 2)  Watch this movie!  There is more time spent in cars than there are on BIRD ATTACKS!  This movie should be called Road Trip: Also, Bird Attack! .... what was I saying?  Oh, everything from sound, camera angles, acting, editing, "special" effects..... literally everything in this movie is weird and awkward and ranging from bad to awful.

By all means, check it out!