Old Dogs

I've already ran out of witty things to say, it's the SOABCast!


Imagine that you have had a really invasive and traumatic root canal, where it takes you a long time to recover, and you never want to go through that again.  Now, imagine that a friend of yours says "Hey, I've heard that root canals are really bad, but I've never experienced one.  We should both totally go get root canals, and tell people about it!".  Now imagine you bludgeon that friend with a solid gold replica of that friend's solid hair beard.

Except for that last part (as far as you know), that happened to me, but that root canal was Old Dogs.  I watched this movie a long time ago, and wrote a review, and enjoyed it NEGATIVE ELEVENTY PERCENT, but Shaun convinced me that we should do it on the show.   I don't even want to tell you anything about it, because I'm still trying to block it from my memory, so here it is.



Robin Williams watches a seven year old boy poop.