Seek out medical supervision, it's another episode of the SOABCast!

With Jaws, no one was safe in the water.  Now, with Sharknado, literally everyone that is in or near maybe three inches of standing water is not safe!

Yes, the SyFy movie (MAN, I hate that spelling!) that took the internet by storm, Sharknado, is the subject of our show this week.  "Starring" Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, the dad from Home Alone, crazy Australian guy, and the girl with the boobs, this movie is sure to entertain you all the way to the aspirin bottle in the cabinet!  (It might give you a headache from the stupidity...)

Is it cheesy?  Yes!  Is it a crazy Asylum movie?  Yes!  Does it earn it's place on the SyFy network?  YES!!  Is there a tornado filled with sharks?!  Well, it starts as a hurricane, and then it breaks down into glorified water spouts that hit the land, I mean I GUESS you could call them tornadoes, but I don't think they would necessarily be... You know what?  Sure, there are "vortexes" that could POSSIBLY be considered tornadoes!

So check it out!