It's a bird!!  It's a plane!!  No, it's...... it is a bird, my mistake. It was up really high, and it wasn't flapping it's wings, so I thought it might have been a plane, but turns out, it was not.

Oh, also there's a new episode of the SOABCast!

This week is a fantastic movie by James Gunn, (director of the shockingly violent movie "Super") called Slither. It's a B-Movie through and through and it knows it. It's your standard alien movie, where Darrel's racist brother from The Walking Dead gets taken over by an alien and hilarity ensues. And by hilarity, I mean he transforms into a hideous beast, cuts a dude in half, and gives someone the old Violet Beauregarde (which is even grosser than it sounds).

Also, Nathan Fillion.

So sit back, check out Slither, and the SOABCast!  Check it out won't you!?



Are you nodding?