Thankskilling 3


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the SOABCast!  Well, all BOTH of us.... This week, we're keeping with the holiday spirit, with an instant classic, Thankskilling 3!  If you're looking to start a new family tradition by watching a movie, and your family is the worst, then this is the movie for you!  

Wait, this seems oddly familiar.....

Oh yeah, we did the first Thankskilling last year around this time, and we decided to do the sequel this year.  And yes, 3 is the sequel to 1, there is no 2.... Don't worry about that.  What you SHOULD be worried about is Newz with a ZEEEeeee, possessed DVD cases, floating disembidoed brains, and a cartoon greaser cat named CLITORIS CHRIS!

Happy Thanksgiving, from us to you.  Now go watch this movie, so you can feel gross all around this year!