Time Travel

Hey everyone, welcome to the Sonufbabeemoobeerebiewww. Yeah that was me mumbling.

Welcome to our new show, in its infancy. We have divorced our previous show and are dating a more beautiful, nerdy woman who can’t take things seriously. It is glorious.

This week in our unnamed show, we talk about time travel. If only I can go back in time and erase my last paragraph, it is just awful. Wait. I can with the backspace key. OH MY GOD. The backspace key can travel… back in space!! 

Okay seriously, in this show we talk about the science of time travel stuff, Owen talks movies, I nod in agreement, trains pass my apartment, people chop wood nearby, Owen gets mad at his friend and shoots him on the air, I call the police in a frantic panic, Owen promises to come murder me, he leaves his house to come after me, I watch an episode of Family Guy, casually get dressed, pack a bag, call the police because it take Owen an hour to get here, Owen is arrested, our show ends, documentaries are made.